Education at Elevation 2477'

This online cannabis education program is designed to educate all types of people about the benefits that cannabis can offer. You can be a regular recreational user, someone who is cannabis curious or a complete novice looking to learn about how cannabis is used for wellness. We offer 9 classes with 3 focused on the elder population.

These classes are designed to build on each other and while each can stand on its own, we recommend all students start with the first class, “The Basics.” This first class provides students with the foundational information that all the other classes build upon. All classes were recorded in Winter/Spring of 2021 and include Q&A sessions at the end of each video.

This online education program is FREE and available 24/7. Please enjoy and prepare to explore the cannabis plant science and benefits to enhance your well-being and awareness.

At the end of each class is an opportunity to take a short quiz. Take ALL the quizzes and earn a certificate of completion. Elevation2477 offers a 20% discount off any single item to customers who earn a certificate!

Students gain access to the classes by registering and creating a user profile via the link below. Student information will be kept private and confidential and will not be shared. Users will not receive emails unless requested from the education platform where the classes are hosted. Education content has been provided by House of Harlequin.


To learn more about the ways that cannabis wellness education can help users to find the cannabis wellness products that are best for their unique needs, please enjoy these short teaser videos that provide samples of topics of common interest.

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