Terms & Conditions

Membership Agreement


Good Neighbor Policy

Please be mindful and respectful of our neighbors. We have worked hard to establish a positive relationship with our neighbors, the city, and the police department. Do not create a nuisance or linger in the parking lot or sidewalk areas. Always be careful and courteous when entering or exiting the parking lot. With your support, we plan to be here to serve you for years to come.

Code of Conduct

  • Only people over 21 years old may register as customers of the dispensary and access dispensary services. Patients with a doctor’s recommendation who are 18 years or older may register as well.
  • Consuming cannabis or tobacco on premises is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited in any public place or on public transportation in the State of California.
  • Do not use any phones or recording devices while in the dispensing area.
  • All products obtained through the dispensary are for the personal use of the customer and may not be resold or distributed under any circumstances.
  • Only qualified leashed service animals are allowed inside the premises.
  • In case of emergency (law enforcement action, fire, power outage, etc.) stay calm and follow the instructions from Elevation 2477’ staff.
  • When transporting cannabis it must be stored in the trunk of your car. Driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal, and people should never drive or operate other machinery after consuming any cannabis products.
  • No weapons are allowed within the dispensary or anywhere on premises.
  • Customers & patients must abide by these rules and regulations. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that violates our Code of Conduct.

Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code § 11362.775